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We started as a small family business

Great Food since 1977

Bearno’s Pizza was born in Louisville, KY way back in 1977. Over 35 years later, the Mooney Family still operates the original location as well as several others. Thirty Five years builds character! Thirty Five years builds tradition. Bearno’s Pizza now shares it’s hometown culture in Central Florida.

Born and raised in Louisville, Brian Givan developed a love for pizza at a very young age, specifically the Mama Bearno’s Special. While studying business at Indiana University, a professor assigned a group project to create a fictitious business and write a complete 5-year business plan. That group wrote a business plan in 2004 that would develop into Bearno’s Orange City almost 10 years later.

Givan relocated to Central Florida in 2005 and eventually settled in DeBary, FL in 2007. Bearno’s superior product and rich history stuck with Givan through the years and in 2012, he knocked the dust off the 10-year-old business plan.

  • 1977
    Bearno's Pizza was born in Louisville, KY
  • 2004
    The idea of Bearno's Orange City Was Born!
  • 2013
    "Bearno's Orange City Opened It's Doors
  • Today
    One of the best restaurants in town

    4 Years and Many Pizzas Later, Bearno's Orange City is serving thousands of happy customers every year!

Mama Bearno's Special
Best Seller
Bearno's Orange City
Opens The Doors
2017 Celebrates Our 4 Year Anniversary!
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